Our New Crazy House

So it is not an understatement that there is many a thing to do in order to make this house a place where we are proud and excited to call HOME. It can definitely be considered a renovation project that will probably be ongoing and we are looking forward to making the necessary changes as well as adding the fun upgrades (not so necessary but more fun for me).

Why we decided to buy a fixer-upper as our first home can all be better understood after some background information on how we came across this little gem.


The Story behind how we found this house is as follows…

Ryan and I had finally made the big decision that we wanted to be home owners so we set out to make a plan of 1) what we wanted in a home (wish list) and 2) how to save the money for the down payment.  We had been looking at homes online for months and saving the listings we liked the most but nothing really got our attention (for the right price) until this home. My mom was actually the one who found the listing for this home as she was searching a foreclosure site.

The house was located in downtown McKinney (one of my favorite places) a mile from the historical downtown square and a block outside the historical district. As soon as I saw the pictures of the house I knew I at least wanted to visit the house in person to see if it was good fit.  Ryan wasn’t so sure at first after seeing the pictures online and also was wanting to wait a little longer before buying a home, but soon changed his mind.

We were both off on the same day (doesn’t happen too often with our schedules) and our plan was to go and drive through the neighborhood where the house was to see if we even wanted to bother contacting a realtor for a viewing.  We had been postponing going over there all day and finally made it by late afternoon. As we drove up to the house we immediately wanted to get out of the car, explore the yard, and peek in the windows (remember this was a foreclosure home and no one was occupying the residence-so it’s not as creepy as it may sound).  We were walking around the yard when a man walked up and asked if we were the ones he was supposed to be meeting at the house at that time. We explained that we were just there to take a look around when he stated he was a realtor and would be happy to show us around while he waited on his client. SCORE.

Now was the moment of truth. The outside was super cute and I could immediately see the potential. The inside was a whole different story. We walked through the front door and began noticing that there were no floors, doors missing, no kitchen sink (and what also looked like water damage under the cabinet where the sink used to sit), cracked granite counters (where the sink was inevitably and carelessly ripped out) gigantic holes in the walls, a missing window, busted up door casing, and so on and so forth. As we walked around the back of the house we saw the A/C unit was already stollen along with the copper wiring. hmmm. Not a very comforting feeling.

HOWEVER, There was so much we loved and we had already trained ourselves to “look past the ugly” (as our friends on Property Brothers always say).  As were walking through, I was noticing Ryan’s face becoming more and more expressive of shear glee and knew he loved the house. I was keeping my emotions inside as to not sway his opinion one way or the other, but i liked it. a. lot. We finished looking around, had a short conversation with the realtor about our thoughts, and headed home. We both were talking excitedly back and forth on the drive home about how we liked the house and said the the things we didn’t like we could either live with or change. It was a smaller home but we figured it’s just the two of us plus Moose so why not.

We were contacted by that same realtor later and set up a time so my parents could go view the house. I wanted to make sure someone else was going to take a look around to confirm we weren’t trying to get into a home that was a mistake. They both loved it, and Ryan and I continued to feel really good about it, thus began the bidding process.

I’m not going to go into the many details of the bidding process with the bank who owned the foreclosure home. All I can say is bidding on a foreclosure is not for the faint of heart. There were several bids the bank had already turned down and several the bank was looking at the very same day they got our bid.  After seeing our bid, they chose to enter into contract with us. We were two very nervous young home buyers and after several annoying back-and-forths with the bank, where they counter offered us a higher amount than what they listed the home for (frustrating), they finally accepted our final offer and the next phase of the ownership process began.


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