Quick look at the house-before the renovations begin.

We bought this house with a government rehab loan which was required for this particular house since there were so many issues.  Our particular loan requires an inspector to deem the “mandatory improvements.” Whatever is mandatory has to be done by a certified general contractor, the rest we can do ourselves.  Ryan and I were unaware of that fact when we initially started to work on getting this particular loan.  We were disappointed that we HAD to work with a contractor because our plan was to do all the work ourselves to save MONEY. Well that’s not going to happen but there’s still plenty we need to do. The good thing is, as I see it, is now we don’t have to wait months and months to have a decent home because a lot of the work is done before we even move in.  There are also many areas that I want to improve for aesthetic purposes that aren’t exactly necessary but fun all the same.

Ryan and I want to learn how to rehab a home and maybe one day do another and another and…

We knew we could fix this home because we have my Dad as both a resource and a helping hand. He has done all kinds of work on homes for other people as well as in his own home and knows what he’s doing. That being said, we want to be taught what to do and how to do it.

Here are some pictures of most of the house (some bathrooms excluded) The house has 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms

Some of the posts on the porch are falling apart at the base and need to be reframed

broken fence and dirt patch that needs to be a grass patch (although i don't know why i bother with moose around). The fence also needs to be painted

There is going to be a lot of landscaping that will need to be done in the spring/summer.

Thanks to google earth i figured out this used to be a sandbox. Now it is a weed box that must go.

So this is what I mentioned in my earlier post about missing floors. Some areas are bare concrete, some have a moisture barrier only, while others are barrier and plywood ready for a wood floor. When we were trying to decide what kind of flooring to put in we both knew we wanted wood floor but there are several ways to lay wood flooring depending on the kind of wood floor you purchase (which I’ll discuss in more detail in a later post). But basically we had two options for subflooring-bare concrete or plywood. We’ve chosen to use the plywood that is laid currently (about $500 worth!) and buy whatever more we need to fill the empty spaces so we can nail the wood flooring to that.  Also we’re getting a dining light fixture to replace the empty space on the ceiling where the original one was taken.

view of part of the dining area

 And check out that crown molding! That was an upgrade I did not expect to find in this home but it is in every room. However, some is unfinished and will need to be primed and painted.

Looking from dining area into the living room and toward the front door.

I want to update the mantle by re-doing the tile and painting the wood. (I say “I” because Ryan doesn’t care what happens either way 🙂

fireplace and mantle

Here is a glimpse of the kitchen. There’s a piece of a window missing, as well as a missing sink. Everything else is pretty intact. The kitchen is pretty dark so I’m going to find ways to brighten it up.


The paint isn’t holding on this corner because the corner was made poorly with paper tape and not primed.

The granite will need to be repaired before a sink can be placed. There is also a leak where the sink was taken out carelessly and when we we were getting the inspection, the inspector turned on the water at the street and it started gushing through the leak.

The stove and microwave were the only appliances intact. I hope they work.

View from living room looking into the master bedroom

View of master bedroom looking into the bathroom and closet.

master bedroom

There are two guest bedrooms upstairs.

upstairs bedroom

There is a jack and jill bathroom upstairs that joins the two bedrooms. The mirrors were all missing as well.

upstairs bathroom

The bedrooms upstairs will need the carpet replaced because they don’t match.

other upstairs bedroom

This is the laundry room. Not much to speak of 🙂

Laundry room

So there you have it. Some pictures of the house before all the work begins. Ryan and I have realized that no matter what house you buy there is always unanticipated work that will need to be done …and it will keep coming. We’re ready (we think) for the challenge. Thanks to all who are interested in keeping up with our progress and feel free to comment with ideas/opinions and money saving tips for the renovation work 🙂


4 thoughts on “Quick look at the house-before the renovations begin.

  1. Looks like quite a bit of work ahead for you two..But looks like such a cute little house. I wish I was moving in there!! Can wait to see what you do to the place!! Congratulations its going to be GREAT!!

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