Gather in Downtown McKinney

This past Saturday a dear friend of mine invited me to come with her to check out a bridal expo that was going on at the McKinney Performing Arts Center (aka the old courthouse in the middle of the square).

Historic court house

I was already at our house a mile away so while Ryan and my dad continued to work on the house, I took a break and went into the square. The weather was beautiful!

The bridal expo had a good turnout! I may already be married but that did not stop me from sampling the cakes and goodies 🙂  My favorite by far was a sample from a company called Nothing Bundt Cakes located in McKinney. It was a deliciously moist piece of red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting. yum yum. My good friend had these mini bundt cakes at her baby shower a few months ago and I haven’t forgotten them since!

After we finished looking around at the expo we decided to walk around downtown a little and check out a few of the venues that were promoted, as well as some of the cute shops.  There is the cutest restaurant called Gather that we went into that is basically a tea room but is an event venue as well as a restaurant. It shares an open wall with the Unique Unique Design– a shop with the neatest decorative items. Many of the items are one of a kind  or hand crafted. When Gather has events they can use the connecting shops space as well.  I spoke with the owner of Unique Unique Design and she said she helps with the design side of Gather. “Unique” idea indeed to combine two stores the way they did!

Isn’t that beautiful? I can just imagine how a bridal or baby shower would look and they can even do weddings for intimate groups! Some day I am going to come here for tea. Who’s with me?

All in all it was a fun Saturday!  I can’t wait to start trying some of these restaurants and also can’t wait to see what little treasures I’ll discover in the shops. The best part is I can walk here whenever I want once we’re moved in (as long as the weather permits). Come check downtown McKinney out if you haven’t already been. You won’t regret it! There is something for everyone.


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