Weekend Work

As some of you may already know, with a total house renovation you can’t necessarily start and finish a project before starting on something else. I am coming to terms with the chaos of it all. That being said, we (and by we, I mean my husband and father) have now commenced working on multiple projects throughout the entire house. This weekend a lot was accomplished and I got the pleasure of taking pictures of the results so far. We are pleasantly surprised with how things are coming together except one thing…we’ve come across an ISSUE that i’m guessing will cost a bit of money to fix. That will soon be explained later in this post.

This weekend was largely devoted to prepping for pain- I mean paint- and further construction. The leak at the sink was worked on by the plumber and is no longer a problem,

Image but the outside of the house where he had to access the pipe needs the siding replaced now, which was not an expected expense. ugh. The hard part will be matching the paint because we have no idea what color that is.


What a mess. We are planning on replacing this entire cabinet piece anyways due to the water damage when the sink gushed a bunch of water (for who knows how long).

And let me just add a word to the wise while I’m thinking about it. IF you plan on buying a home and renovating it- estimate AT LEAST double to triple your original estimate. That’s all I have to say about that.

I have also been told by the men that I have to make several decisions dealing with aesthetics and design (that aren’t easy to make because my choices will be permanent) such as

1) tile for the fireplace 2) color of paint for the walls, trim, and ceiling. 3) type and color of kitchen sink 4) type and color of sink fixtures and 5) dining light fixture to name a few. I’ll also have to decide on a color paint for the kitchen cabinets and fireplace because we’re painting both to help brighten the place up.

Now, as you may remember from the previous post there is an issue at the sink area where the granite is cracked in multiple places and the sink is missing. So we had two options to fix the issue: we could either get a drop in sink or a farm sink. The under mounted sink was not an option for our particular counters (too bad). To install the drop in sink, the granite would need to be patched and the cracks would always show. To install the farm sink, the granite would have to be re-cut to fit it, basically cutting out all cracks and making the counters look like new. Which option do you think we chose? The farm sink! We decided that would look really good with the overall look we were going for in the kitchen. Our contractor suggested we check out Ikea for farm sinks because he had installed several in previous jobs and said they ended up looking pretty good. Well you don’t have to tell me twice! I’m always looking for an excuse to go to Ikea. Love that place. Anywho, this is the sink we ended up choosing


See what I mean about cutting the granite? The edge of the sink comes past the edge of the cabinet making it unnecessary to repair the granite (but making it necessary to cut the granite). And look how huge that sink is! I have been looking at farm sinks since we looked at the house and I knew we’d need a new sink. I just love the look. However, I have found that this is one of the most expensive sink options. Some of the farm sinks I found at Home Depot started at $1000! So to our pleasant surprise this particular sink was a mere $300!! SOLD. Next we had to decide on the faucet.

We want an overall look of white painted cabinets, light colored back splash, white sink, stainless steel appliances, and bronzed fixtures to have an even light and dark contrast keeping in mind the current dark countertops. Ryan found this fixture on sale at Home Depot. We had to find a single faucet head with attached sprayer unit because the sink has only one hole.


and hey it was on sale!

so that is two decisions down ๐Ÿ™‚

Ok, ย so cutting the granite to fit the farm sink means the counter has to be removed from the cabinets. When the contractor went to remove the granite, some backsplash started coming with it. It was going to be impossible to fix it without it looking bad (not to mention we didn’t have replacement tile in the first place). Thankfully, I was not attached to that backsplash and wanted to replace it anyway. Before this, Ryan had suggested we replace it later since it would just be an unnecessary expense at this point, so I had to hold off on the idea. Well not anymore…now, by necessity, we have to replace the backsplash.

The granite isn’t the only thing needing to be changed to fit that sink. The sink is actually too big for the current space in the cabinetry so we are going to spend a little money to reframe the cabinets on that bottom side of the kitchen to fit the sink and just place the old doors and drawers back in the new framing.

“That’s a lot of work just for a sink” you might say. Well remember, we are solving the problem of the broken granite so, to me, this is a better option for resale value later because people aren’t going to like having a cracked granite countertop.

so now for the pictures of our progress!

I walked in on Saturday and the plumbers were working on installing the new hot water heater. They were having trouble so it took them much longer than anticipated. They were using this hose to drain the tank.


The boys were hard at work cutting and nailing down additional plywood to prep for the wood flooring (that is now ordered and should arrive within the next week or so! ) Our contractor was nice enough the lend us his nail gun that is used specifically for nailing plywood into concrete sub-flooring. That was actually a big help.


They had also been working on cutting out the backsplash and sheet rock and ripping out the old insulation to replace with new. ImageImageImage

So as they were cutting away the old backsplash and sheet rock, they noticed mold growing on the right side of the sink which would have been behind the backsplash (now thankful we ended up braking off the old backsplash)

see clean insulation on the left side of the hole and mold on the right sideImage

This could have been due to a number of things like the fact that there has been a missing window right there where rain can get into. Or when the sink leaked the water may have ran behind the wall and thus the mold began to grow. But no my friends, those are way too simple of issues. The issue is much deeper than that.

So as my Dad found the mold, he had a decision to make. Scrub it away and keep going with things as normal and assume the above scenarios as the cause of mildew, or figure out if there’s another source of the mold we couldn’t see. He began investigating. He was looking at the upper cabinet above the mold and shook it to test it’s stability (thus checking the stability of the wall it’s connected to). It was able to be moved quite easily which shouldn’t happen. He then decided that cabinet needed to come off to see if there was mold behind it as well. There was mold there too. THUS the problem was exposed. So here is what we have ladies and gentlemen

ImageThat entire side of the kitchen has been gutted. Look at all that nastiness! And what, might you ask, is causing all this mold?ย ImageImageLook closely below! When the cabinet was installed (circa 2003) some not so smart person nailed the cabinet into a plumbing pipe! This pipe leads upwards to a toilet and sink from the jack and jill bathroom. It has been slowly leaking for 9 years every time someone flushed a toilet or ran the sink. What a lovely thought…doody particles (as in poo) in our kitchen walls! YUCK.ย ImageImage

Needless to say I instantly placed a mask over my face so as to not breathe in the doody mold. I am not happy. Ryan is carefree and always says “It’ll be ok” so i’m trusting him. I hope it is a cheap fix but anything dealing with plumbing is usually not cheap. Stay tuned for how this issue gets resolved and also pics of further progress. ย Wish us luck!


3 thoughts on “Weekend Work

  1. Ugh, POOP MOLD! Not a fun surprise!!

    Thoughts on paint… I love Sherwin Williams. I won’t buy anything else. I always wait until there is a 25% or 40% off sales going on to make the paint affordable. (There is a 25% sale going on right now). I made the mistake of painting our trim bright white… turns out it doesn’t go with anything because most furniture/linens/etc aren’t bright white. I repainted everything White Dove by Benjamin Moore and its so much better. You can google good white paint colors and surely come up with something you like.

    I will try to give helpful hints/tips when I can ๐Ÿ™‚

    • oh man thank you for your suggestions! I have already purchased bright white paint for the ceilings and trim but haven’t opened it so I can return it if need be. We were going to start painting this weekend so I’m glad you said something. I actually was looking at a Sherwin Williams fan deck that my friend lent me to choose paint colors so that’s good! ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve chosen some soft grays for the walls but the shade of white was really tripping me up (funny that there are sooo many variations of white and they all give a different feel-I’m trying to avoid the whites with yellow hues). I’m trying to choose a gray that is more warm rather than cool (so less blue). I’ll have to test some on the wall to be able to tell but I think I’ve found a good one-it’s called agreeable gray (SW 7029).I was going to paint the fireplace mantle and kitchen cabinets the same color as the trim so after what you said I’m seriously considering choosing a less bright of white. Question. Did you do white on your ceilings? what shade? I will definitely check out the sale. Hopefully it’s going on down here! Thank you for letting me know about it! Keep the suggestions coming! ๐Ÿ™‚

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