my thoughts on go-to design inspirations.


As I’ve been searching for inspiration on color schemes, lighting, and literally everything that goes into a home, I’ve discovered certain magazines, TV shows, and blogs that I keep coming back to.

A good magazine for unique, one of a kind design and home decor ideas is Anthology. The magazine is also visually appealing with amazing graphics and looks good laid out on a side or coffee table. In my opinion, it resembles a mini coffee table book and with its limited ads, it really does feel like you’re reading a book. I purchase my copies from Anthropology, but if you wait until the end of the current issues season, you can usually grab one on sale at 75% off cover price before the next issues is published.


To see a trailer of a past issue click here
Other magazines I frequently read for design/decoration inspiration and pure pleasure are Country Living and Better Homes and Gardens- the classics. Country Living has started to change their magazine to appeal to more of an eclecticly minded reader and just featured their February issue entitled the “The White issue” strictly discussing the new ways in which to decorate with Neutrals-it was the perfect issue for insights on the design decisions I’m trying to make right now and just so happened to feature a white farm sink on the cover. I was validated 🙂
Two of the blogs I visit frequently are: Young House Love and Design Sponge
As far as TV goes, I am always watching HGTV for further ideas.  If you’ve never watched Dear Genevieve on HGTV you MUST watch her show (click the link to watch her episodes online). Genevieve Gorder is by far my favorite designer on their network, and if given the opportunity I would have her decorate ANY area of my house in a heartbeat. There literally has not been a project of hers that I haven’t loved. I have been watching her webisodes, capturing some really good design ideas.
In fact, I spent majority of my day off last week watching her show 🙂
I also love the Nate Berkus show which has slightly more realistic ideas for things I can afford.  He is always showing good and affordable DIYs.
I have been looking for design inspiration everywhere and especially pay attention now, when I go shopping, to stores displays.
Where are some places you find design inspiration?

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