Welcome to the Danger zone

This weekend I finally started to feel like we made good progress. The house is a disaster zone but coming along nicely all the same. I was at the house all weekend and Ryan had to work Saturday but made up for it with a LOT of work done on Sunday.

We painted ALL THE CEILINGS on Saturday!  That was a big job made much easier by the fact that my dad owns a paint sprayer. We (my dad) was able to paint all the ceilings in just under 3 hours. Pretty awesome if you ask me! We went back over the ceilings one more time once they were dried because all the ceilings had dark paint on them- there were no white ceilings except in the closets.



pardon the blurriness

I got to give the sprayer a test run and decided I better let my dad finish the job since I wasn’t getting the hang of it quick enough (can’t hold up progress you know 🙂 But it was seriously hard for me to spray evenly because the paint shoots out sooo fast. So what I would end up with is a thick streak of paint right at the beginning of my spray stream-not good. Also, my arm was immediately tired upon holding the spray gun above my head. Needless to say, some upper body strength would have come in handy at that time.  Too bad I don’t have any.

The hooded figure in the picture is meImageImageImageImage

I also picked out the paint colors for the whole house. Still deciding on trim and kitchen cabinet color.   I have chosen a Gray/white neutral color pattern with light tealy blue for the bathrooms.

Choosing the Gray was challenging but choosing the white has been even more challenging (still undecided).

DESIGN TREND ALERT: Gray is the new Beige


Throughout the whole weekend I was working on stripping the fireplace. There is a VERY stubborn coat of polyurethane on it and I am determined to get it off. It, however, is determined to stay on. Just a few words about stripping furniture of stain and polyurethane- don’t be fooled by the folks on HGTV. It’s not as easy as it looks! In fact, the more cracks and crevices there are in the wood the harder it is.

We started out using an eco-friendly/low odor stripping gel- didn’t work and actually made more of a mess. Now I’m spending my time removing the sticky residue the gel has left and trying to smooth as much as possible but it’s still going to take many more hours of elbow greased scraping! After the gel didn’t work I went with the big gun. When I read the label on the new bottle of stripper, I knew I had some good stuff with something about DEATH and eye BLINDNESS happening if one should come in contact with the chemicals.  Needless to say, I took precautions. I suited up from head to toe, put on my safety goggles, mask, and thick rubber gloves, and pulled my hoodie over my head to protect my forehead and face.  Still somehow managed to splatter some chemicals on my neck, though (the one half inch of skin exposed). I ran to Ryan to help me wipe it off because I didn’t have a mirror to look into. I was trying to remain calm while he wiped the stuff away but all I was thinking about was the story the guy at Home depot said, when we were looking for the stripper, about some guy who buys a lot of stripper who has lost some fingers from working with it so much. It BURNED to say the least but didn’t leave a lasting scar.

I am alternating applying the stripper, scraping the goo off the wood, and washing it all away with mineral spirits. A ‘How To’  will be posted IF it ends up looking good 🙂 This mantle is my Everest.


So I’ll finish this post showing a few pictures of what the house looks like so far.

Remember the plumbing leak and mold issue from the previous post? Well the issue was fixed! yay! Now we just have to replace some insulation. Also, the holes in the wall were patched and the corners were fixed.


Now that the ceilings are white, the whole place has brightened up, which makes me a VERY happy lady! Have a fantastic week and check back soon for new photos of the painted walls! I’m excited.


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