Paint. Painting. Painted.

As the title of this post describes, our recent house work has mostly consisted of painting. Painting trim, crown molding, base boards, walls, doors, and ceilings. It’s a daunting job to say the least.  There are still a lot of touch-ups to do and more to paint but we’re about 80% done.  This last Saturday my good friend Amy Taylor came over around noon to help me paint and didn’t end up leaving until around 9:30 in the evening! She spent over 9 hours helping me paint and teaching me the best techniques since I haven’t painted very much in my day. Now that’s a friend! 🙂 I appreciated her help so much and couldn’t have gotten so much done without her since she kept me focused. We ended up painting all 3 bathrooms and ended the night painting window sills and the crown molding in the master bedroom.





These are pictures of the upstairs bedroom/hallway and living/dining area. We are creating built-ins on either side of the fireplace so no need to paint that area.

When we were painting the bathroom the blue color I chose, it almost looked white, but soon brightened up and I am in love with the color now.  It’s hard to capture the true color with my camera in this poor lighting.

Here is a picture of all the different colors I chose: the tealy blue, light gray, and darker gray

This is the room we’re calling the library/study And here is my friend Amy T. hard at work! My dad’s quote of the day “That girl can do some WORK!” hehe. He wishes I were more like her 🙂

If anyone is interested we have chosen to use Sherwin Williams paint with a flat finish for the walls and are using Behr paint with a semi-gloss finish for the trim and doors.

Bathrooms: Crystal Clear SW 6756

Living room, guest bedroom, kitchen: Agreeable Gray SW 7029

Library/study: Functional Gray SW7024

Trim, doors, crown molding: Powdered Snow W-D-700 (Behr)

Problems we’ve run into: Having to paint more than one coat of the agreeable gray (light gray), which means more money and a LOT more time. The guys at the Sherwin Williams store told us this paint would have good coverage and only one coat would be needed especially since we primed first. We’ve noticed, though, that the wall texture is causing the issues because the walls aren’t picking up the paint well enough the first go around. We’ve altered our rollers and bought ones with a thicker nap so they held more paint, which provided better coverage.  For some really good pointers all about the painting process click here. If I had read this beforehand I would have been able to avoid some of my own mistakes.

We also had a special delivery…a whole pallet of hardwood floors! Ryan was so kind as to carry them all inside by himself while I was working (I believe it was right around 42 75lb. bundled stacks-ouch). I am so excited to start laying them down once they acclimate, which they can now since we have a new HVAC system! woohoo. This means I don’t have to freeze while working at the house.

Hope everyones week is going well. This weekend, the plan is to frame out the kitchen cabinets that we’re replacing on the side of the kitchen where the sink is, as well as do some needed touch-ups and trim work. That means more painting. ugh.


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