I’m in Love With a White Porcelain ‘Skinned’ Beauty

There has been a lot of work happening so sorry for my lack of blogging. I’ve been a bit under the weather since my oral surgery but now I’m getting back on track.

Ryan and my Dad have been working tirelessly on the construction portion of the kitchen as well as painting (surprise surprise) and needless to say we were all a little discouraged with how little progress it looked like we were making considering the amount of hours going into it all. Yesterday, however, our spirits were lifted when we started to see the beginnings of a functional kitchen start to appear and saw the hard work paying off.

First the drywall needed to be replaced and repaired on the backsplash area, where the leak in the plumbing pipe was, and wherever the cabinets were ripped out  (that was a big job in itself). Once that was done they worked on re-building the cabinets on the sink side of the kitchen, making sure everything was level for the granite countertop to be able to go back on without a hitch.  The floor wasn’t exactly level on that side of the kitchen so that made it more complicated for my Dad but he managed to figure it out like he always does.

Yesterday, our contractor called Ryan and said that the granite was able to be installed and they placed the sink within its space to make sure it was fitting correctly.  Remember in my earlier post about the crack in the granite and how they would need to cut all that away to fit the apron sink? Well that is gone now! Click here for a recap on that issue and scroll down.

The whole fam decided to take a drive over to the house that night to take a look and I’m happy we did. I can say with all honesty that it looks fantastic! I am so excited for the rest of the work to follow and we all agreed this gave us our second wind and motivation to continue (not like we had a choice anyway 🙂

Now for what you’re wanting- some PICTURES!

kitchen ready for the drywall to be hung

Sorry for another blurred picture. but it’s better than nothing. Here is the before picture. The kitchen cabinet doors are off in preparation for paint.

Drywall going up for the backsplash

before drywall

no more yucky mold and insulation

drywall now on the sink side

building the cabinet frames-notice the new window!

custom built the cabinets with measurements to fit the sink

In order to fit the sink exactly, he built the cabinet around it while the sink was upside down. The sink weighed a wopping 160 pounds so that’s pretty much the only way it could be done.

And now look at it! See what I mean about resembling a functional kitchen!

counter tops back on and sink in place!

no granite cracks!

Isn’t she beautiful! I am in love with this sink and just to show how big this thing actually is, we placed my 3 year old nephew in it and it looked like his own kiddie sized spa tub.

Total relaxation 🙂 At least someone can relax now.

Oddly enough, the sink still doesn’t look too big- at least we don’t think so… what are your thoughts?

This is a picture for my dad- leveler sitting on top of the sink in the cabinet. his perfect cabinet leveling job. Good job Dad 🙂 

Other updates:

Old back door

new back door- the blinds are inside the window to avoid the clink clank when opening and shutting the door

painting vents, electrical outlet covers, etc.

siding missing (from sink plumbing being fixed and missing window

new siding. new window.

Have a great weekend! Anyone else working on home improvement projects? Leave us a thought.


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