Quick Update of the downstairs Progress

Last night I left work, downed a 5 hour energy (which only holds for about 1 hour after a 13 hour shift) and headed over to the house to meet up with Ryan and Dad.  We worked on cleaning up in order to prep for laying down the hardwoods. We are starting that process TODAY! get excited because I know I am! We are also going to do a few more coats of paint on the kitchen cabinets to try to get better coverage through the dark stain.

We chose to paint the kitchen cabinets the same color as all the trim (Behr Powdered Snow)


The crown molding has been painted in the dining area, living room, 1/2 bath, and kitchen

Ryan and I went to Floor and Decor in Plano earlier this week and picked up the marble tile we have chosen for the fireplace and kitchen backsplash. We chose to go with white carrera marble. We’re still trying to decide on the size of spacers. I personally prefer as little grout line as possible no matter where the tile is located or what size the tile is.

We decided to get individual tiles for the kitchen backsplash instead of the pre-made sheets. It has saved us $200 at least but will add a lot more labor to the project. Luckily we’re not paying anyone for that labor because we are doing it ourselves. Plus we liked the 3X6 inch tiles versus the smaller sheet tiles.

For the Fireplace we have chosen the same kind and color of marble but different size. For the face of the fireplace I wanted to have a cozy cottage look so I wanted smaller tiles laid in a brick pattern. We found some tile sheets at Floor and Decor of the smaller tiles already laid out in the brick pattern and I like how there were shades of dark gray throughout the tiles.  For the floor directly in front of the fireplace we went with a 12X12 marble tile. I am excited to see how it turns out and will post a more detailed description of the process and supplies once it’s all done.  I found the inspiration for the fireplace here

As a look back here is what the fireplace used to look like


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