Hardwood flooring- Part 1

Man my thighs and arms are sore! Why is this you ask? Well, I did a lot of manual labor this weekend and I got to use me some power tools.  I know I know- I was surprised myself. We have been working on laying the hardwood floors this weekend. We are laying the wood floors in the living room/dining area, kitchen, master bedroom ,and master closet.  In preparation for the flooring we nailed and stapled moisture barrier and plywood into the cement floor a while back. So all we needed to do was to clean and get started.

We chose to go with a 3 1/4 inch solid oak hardwood.  With solid wood, you nail each piece into the sub-flooring so we rented a nail gun especially made for this from Home Depot.  That baby is what made my arms sore.  We started on Friday and while I was at work today (Sunday) the boys were still working on laying them down.

Once we finish that part we are going to sand/distress, finish, and stain. We haven’t chosen a color stain yet and also haven’t decided how we’re going to distress the floors. We’ve decided You Tube and google combined will probably show us all we need to know. If you happen to have pointers on distressing wood floors let us know!

Getting Started

Hello Heaviness!

Matthew stopped by and got straight to work. He found those gloves and put them on all by himself 🙂

master bedroom ready for hardwood

That folks, is it for now. keep checking back for part 2 of the flooring and to find out about some newly discovered BIG news dealing with the renovation. We’re really excited about it.


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