Afternoon Walk around our New Neighborhood

This afternoon the weather was absolutely perfect here in Texas. 77 degrees with a slight wind, sunny, and not a cloud in the sky! I have been wanting to walk around our soon to be neighborhood in downtown McKinney and take pictures of the houses that surround us. The neighborhood is unique in that there will be million dollar homes next to or across from $100,000 or less homes, and what’s more, this in no way decreases the property value of the nicer homes.  Kinda cool.

My friend Amy Taylor was taking care of a girl who lives down there today so we met up and off we were to explore some of the neighborhoods.  It is such a joy every time I drive over to the house.  I try and take a different route every so often to see all the different homes and I’ll drive through the historic square every now and again just for fun.  There is not one home alike.  It is so nice and refreshing to see these homes because most houses i’ve seen in Texas nowadays are cookie cutter brick homes. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just enjoy observing all the little details of the historical homes and LOVE all the colors and uniqueness in the architecture. Our house is nestled between two historical drives- College and  Waddill so we get to drive past the BIG AMAZING homes every day.  Some of the properties take up whole neighborhood blocks! It really is awesome to see. If you live close you should take an afternoon and wander around this historical district on foot or take a leisurely drive in your car. You won’t be disappointed.

Here are some of my favorites from the walk (I took way too many photos). Ahh to own one of these homes…maybe one day.  Thanks Amy T for walking with me as I took pictures like a stalker around the neighborhood!

I want one of these trees in our yard! Totally unedited image-all Gods work

nerd alert- reminds me of the womping willow (you're a nerd too if you know what that is in reference too)

possibly my favorite. I drive by this one every time I go to the house.

love the front porch!

This one is kinda sinister- but I still like it

I love all the colors of the Victorian Homes!

Many homes have carriage houses (spare house in the back for the in-laws or housekeeping staff 🙂

love the blue!

weather vane!

look at those columns!

love the hanging flower baskets

LOVE this teal blue color! This one has been deemed unlivable so it is being restored currently.

This one is new and under construction. Amy and I agreed this doesn't exactly fit with the charm of the neighborhood- but it was still gorgeous. Check out that double chimney!

Love the detailing on the garage


Love the arch

This looks like an old boarding school...or insane asylum especially with the chain link fence.

This fleetwood RV is owned by our lovely next door neighbor- who parks it across the street for a few hours while he goes in his house and then drives off only to be seen days later to repeat the same thing. weird.

cute and quaint

Which one is your favorite??

There you have it! This is just a glimpse of what the area has to offer. Ryan and I would love to one day flip houses here!! This is our secret wish.


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