Choosing stain for the wood floors, tiling the backsplash, and some other news.

This post will have to be quick because I have my third  12 hour shift in a row tomorrow and MUST get some good sleep.

Our accomplishments lately:

We chose a stain for the wood floors. It’s called Early American. It is an antique brown of sorts with NO red coloring.  Stain colors starting from the left are: Special Walnut, Provincial, and the far right is Early American. We also dinged up the wood just to see how it would absorb the stain once it was scraped and distressed. But don’t worry, I won’t let Ryan take a crow bar to our REAL wood floor- yes that is what he used to “distress” these scrap pieces. 🙂 He makes me laugh sometimes.  Which brings me to my next conclusion- we won’t be hand distressing the floor (i’m 98% sure) because I have determined it is WAY too much work and we’re just not that good at it. HA.

Remember from the previous post about the tile we chose for the fireplace? Well, the tile for the base of the fireplace has changed. I had originally purchased 12×12 Carrera marble tiles but I didn’t get enough the first time (2 shy).  When I went back to the store, the previous stock of that kind of marble was all sold and they had received another shipment of the same variety, but it was noticeably different. As with stone, every piece has different coloring and at Floor and Decor in Plano, they get their shipments from different quarries, where some marble is polished and other is tumbled or honed (it has a powdery finish-not shiny).  So I ended up with 2 dull squares with the rest of the tile I already bought being shiny. The mosaic for the face of the fireplace is polished and shiny so I wanted the same finished look on the floor tiles. Basically, what ended up happening was we returned all the 12×12 tiles and  purchased 12×24 tiles which had the same polished finish as the mosaics and actually have coloring that matches better too. Word to the wise- purchase more than you need and return later so you don’t end up having the same problem I did. There will be less grout lines with the 12×24 so I’m glad that we returned the other tiles. Tiling starts THIS WEEKEND!

Above: Original 12×12 tiles-just figuring out how we were going to lay them down

12×24 tiles. As you can see, there is less white and more gray, which I like better.

We started on the backsplash. I am excited (kinda nervous) to see how all the coloring turns out. Like I said earlier, there is not one tile that is the same when it comes to natural stone. Some have lots of gray coloring and others are mostly white. The goal will be to take inventory of what we have in the boxes and try to spread out the varying colors in the tiles so there’s not an area with too much grey or too much white.   Also, I’m noticing there are hints of light tan or brown in some tiles which may help tie the backsplash with the counter, considering the counter has lots of brown in it.  For grout, we have chosen a light grey called “misty grey” We chose a 1/16″ spacer for as little grout line as possible.

Also, we bought a stainless steel microwave! hooray! Now the only appliances left to purchase in stainless steel are a dishwasher and stove.


One last thing…we found out 2 weeks ago from our contractor that we had EXRA money left over in our funds (enough that we can do something pretty substantial with the money). I don’t know how that happened but I am not complaining.  Check back soon to see what we have decided to do with the money!


3 thoughts on “Choosing stain for the wood floors, tiling the backsplash, and some other news.

  1. Jessica! I found your blog through facebook…What a fun project y’all have taken on! Your house/neighborhood is beautiful. I love everything you’ve done so far and can’t wait to see what else you are going to do to the house!

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