Carpet is in!

Last week the carpet was installed. Waahoo! Now this house is really starting to look like a livable space. The carpet was laid on the stairs, and in both the bedrooms upstairs. Those are the only areas of the house with carpet.





Talk about an awesome feeling having that done! Ryan and I are very happy with the results. It’s soft and comfy too!

Last night we went over to the house to prep for stain on the hardwoods and Matthew and my mom had a little visit. This is the first time my nephew has been able to hang out at the house for more than a quick pop in. Now that we have carpet there is a “safe” place for him to be. The bedrooms all have little extra closet nooks where the roof is pitched and it looks like he has found his new favorite spot in the house πŸ™‚ Maybe a little hideaway for our future little ones.

Love him!


One thought on “Carpet is in!

  1. LOL, Matthew looks right at home! Everything is sure coming together beautifully. You will have a home to be proud of. Just wait til everything is finished and you can sit back and look at it all. Love to all. kfr

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