Yard Work and Garden Surprises

Last weekend I wanted to work on the lawn before the predicted rainstorms. We have been spending so much time working on the interior, that we’ve been neglectful of the outside. In two weeks time, the lawn went from looking OK to DISGUSTING when the weeds took over and spread like wild fire when spring rolled in. The entire lawn was covered, so much so, I could hardly see where the grass used to be. The weeds had thorns and thick, strong, celery-like stalks which grew a foot a day (for real). My awesome mom came over and helped pull ALL the weeds in the yard and in the flower beds. I don’t know a thing about how to keep a yard so i’ve been open to instruction. The previous home owners seemed to have done a decent job planning out some landscaping with roses, shrubs, and vine covered trellises but unfortunately, when they deserted the home, many things died or became overgrown. We pruned the roses and OUCH it hurt. We pulled off as much dead vine as we could for the time being from the trellises and then had to bag all that stuff which was my least favorite part. All in all, it was a productive day and we finished just in time for the rain to come pouring down.  Ryan then mowed the lawn and it is looking a TON better. We are going to hire a lawn service to help with the weeds and get the yard back in shape for the summer and hopefully keep it up for the rest of the year.  We’ll definitely have to go buy a lawn mower.

Back in the winter when we bought the house there were a few plants that I had no idea what they would grow or if they would flower and was pleasantly surprised to find some really pretty flowers growing! It seemed like the yard went from brown and dead to flowering and green in just a few days time. It’s really fun to know that this is our yard and we can do whatever we want with it. We’ve never had our own yard before 🙂


look past all the junk and take a look at that plant that is blown over behind the patio. This is something Ryan had said we should cut down because it had been blown over ever since we first saw the house and at the time was just green/brown. Now look what has bloomed…

Aren’t they pretty?

The plant sits right beside the kitchen sink window so now there’ll be something pretty to look at when I’m doing the dishes!

The roses are starting to bloom! I am, and always have been, a big fan of roses. Classic and very easy to grow.

It’s hard to tell the color of this one but it looks like bright magenta and is my favorite color of rose in our yard so far.

These wooden beams frame out what used to be a sandbox. The weeds loved this area.

After we tore through all the weeds the yard looked SO much better.

We took down the sandbox because we won't be needing that anytime soon.

We found an area of the yard where Wisteria is growing! woo hoo. Love it! I am going to plant some so it will grow from the trellises.  

speaking of trellises- here they are

we worked on pulling off all the brown dead stuff. There are roses growing currently but I'd rather something softer and less thorny growing over the trellises

rose garden (sort of)

I just love that our mailbox is attached to the house. In our neighborhood the mailmen all walk through delivering mail they carry in a bag on their side instead of leaning out the window of a truck.  It feels so personal that way. The days of knowing the mailman aren’t over for us- we met him a few months back and he’s delightful 🙂

I edited out our house address but the iron numbers lie between the light and the mailbox.

I have many plans for the landscaping of the yard. Mainly i’m wanting MORE FLOWERS! I just love purples and pinks and flowers that smell good.

you know-something like this…

or this…

or maybe even this…

and a THIS! a giant wisteria tunnel. A girl can dream…

Japanese flower garden. Ok i'm moving to Japan!


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