Hardwood Flooring Part 2-sanding, staining and finishing!

The floors have been sanded, stained, and polyurethaned! We have been really pleased with the outcome. We didn’t end up distressing the floors but they still have an older look to them in my opinion. Click here to see what color stain we chose and here to see pictures of us laying down the hardwoods.

These are pictures of the flooring being sanded and cleaned. We rented all the sanding tools from Home Depot and used mineral spirits to help clean off the dust before staining.

Starting in the master closet for practice. The stain is wiped on with a cloth and then wiped off. 

What a difference the stain makes.

Ta Da! I don’t have any pictures of the polyurethane process. We did not want a shiny/glossy finish so we chose the flattest poly we could find. It was oil based and we laid 3 coats down for durability. However, somewhere during the time the third coat of poly was drying it started to get little bubbles. We don’t know why exactly. They buffed the last layer pretty good to try and get rid of the bubbles and it did a good job of getting rid of them. Since that happened, the floor looks like it has been textured. It’s hard to explain, and impossible to get a good picture of, but we are finding that this look we didn’t expect is growing on us.

Master bedroom

I love how the natural wood grain picks up different amounts of stain to give the floor this multicolored look. 


equipped with new fridge!

Now we’ve cut and painted all the baseboards and will nail them in place soon. I hope. We are also going to finish up putting the hardware on the cabinet drawers. There are a few more things to do but I think we’re about 2 weeks from being done!! For now 🙂 This means we’ll actually get to move into our house soon!  The yard is looking better as stuff starts to grow in and flower more but there is still SO much yard work to be done. We’ve decided we’re going to finish the interior before we start on the exterior because that is a whole different ball game.

But here is a picture of the beautiful roses from our living room window. I am a fan because they have required minimal maintenance to look this pretty.

Everyone have a blessed week! And thanks for reading!


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