New light and Odd End Jobs

This weekend was another productive one. We have been working on finishing up the last of the projects before we move in. We’re wanting to move in VERY soon but don’t have a date set yet. I have been taking over a box or two for the past few days in preparation for the big move. We are nearly finished nailing down all the baseboards and caulking. My mom and I went to Lowes in search of lighting. My main goal was to get a light for the area inside the front door and for the master bathroom and ended up getting several others as well. We also bought a dishwasher! We found it on sale at a Sears showroom and we love it. We’ll be working on installing that tonight.

The remainders of the light at the front door that was here when we bought the house. It was a flush mount dome light.



new light.


I also worked on painting all the ceiling fan blades that were a cherry colored wood. I bought a flat black spray paint and painted all 25 blades. They look pretty good for 30 minutes worth of work! We tried to find new black fan blades and couldn’t find any. I’m glad because painting them worked out just fine and saved us some money.


The roses outside are in full bloom! 

This rose bush is my favorite. The blooms are HUGE (hard to tell in the picture), smell amazing, and will make really good cut roses 🙂 I want another bush just like this one. 


My mom and I also went and bought some new plants. I just bought a few but more on that later. Here are some pictures. I haven’t planted them yet. 

finished placing all the drawer pulls

my dad also worked on replacing all the electrical outlets in the kitchen because they’re all cream and we need them to be white. 


So that’s it for now! Hope everyone had a happy Easter!


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