“Toast to the Coast”- An interactive Pinterest evening with friends

Since we are moving to downtown McKinney, I’ve been trying to pay attention about what’s going on in the square. I started following a blog called On the Square that tells about all things happening within and around the square and that is how I found out about this event.  Last Thursday, my friend Lesly and I went to a Pinterest Party. Yes, that’s right. For those of you who are pinning, this was a coastal themed party bringing some of the the pins the hosts had seen (and liked) to life. It was hosted at the Heard Craig Hall in Downtown McKinney and was a pretty fun experience. We walked in and were greeted with a goodie bag and then helped ourself to the food and drinks. There was a champagne bar (idea found on pinterest) where your champagne gets poured and then you pick your mixers and fruit. The wine glasses had a strip of chalk friendly paper glued to them so you could write your name (good idea so you don’t mix up glasses at a party). Although mine smudged off so not as practical as i’d like 🙂

champagne bar

The food was delicious! There was one hors d’oeuvre that was pretty creative and easy. You take shredded parmesan cheese and bake a spoonful on parchment paper. Then spread cream cheese with herbs on top of that and place a dollop of bruschetta tomatoes on that. Yum!

After about 30 minutes of mingling and eating, we started around and rotated through various stations. There were 4 stations:

1) themed tablescapes and crafting your own “mercury glass” charger and burlap napkin ring- they took a empty paper towel roll, cut it down into smaller sections, and glued burlap around it. cheap and cute. They also described cheap ways to decorate a table for a party.

succulents hanging from a tree in the centerpiece

2) jewelry making- make your own crystal and turquoise necklace

3) painting with Sip-n-Doodle– we couldn’t actually paint (hall regulations) so they came up with an alternative

4) Hair and makeup tips and suggestions

Lesly got her hair done 🙂

There were also door prizes and I won one! A certificate for brunch for two to Bread Winners! yay!

All in all, it was a nice night and Lesly and I both agreed it was fun to do something different for a change.

Now, who wants to have a Pinterest Party?


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