Historical Neighborhood Association Garage Sale

Ok so this weekend was move in time and man am I TIRED! We have been trying to get stuff arranged as quickly as possible and there are still so many construction type things to do to the house. Plus, there have been issues with our bathroom so that has made a frustrating few days for us. Today though, we got cable and internet hooked up! Now it feels like home ๐Ÿ™‚ So, I am going to take a break from all the un-packing and craziness to blog this real quick.

This past Saturday there was a multi-home garage sale in our new neighborhood of downtown McKinney. My friend and I went out in search of the goods starting EARLY in the morning prepared with an empty SUV trunk. I was in search for a few things for our new home: a queen headboard, kitchen table chairs, stained glass window, coffee table, sofa table, kitchen stuff, and a few other things. I was in LUCK because I was able to find several of those things at the right price- so I snatched em up!

I just love garage sales. It is so fun to search for things to re-purpose and it’s amazing what things I consider treasures, others want to get rid of.

The Historical Neighborhood Association hosted this garage sale weekend event and had pink flamingo lawn ornaments in the yards of those participating to help easily identify those houses.

check out that headboard!

my partner in crime

our loot!

here are my finds!

4 kitchen chairs: Asking was $40 a chair or $125 for the set. I paid $100 ($25/chair). I was originally in search of chairs I could re-do myself but then found these and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to buy finished chairs for this price. I was concerned about the fabric colors at first (light gray and coral) and had plans to change the fabric out but then once I got them in the space they went really well with everything. So for now this fabric will stay.

I love the way they look with the new table I found a few weekends back at a consignment store for $200. It is a round black pedestal table from Crate and Barrel with one leaf, and when the leaf is in, it makes an oval table. Chairs and table $300 total- not too bad in my opinion!

Stained Glass window: $25. I have been wanting an antique stained glass window to put in the window sill of the kitchen. I have been looking for a while, but the price was always $80-$200 and I didn’t want to pay that price for something I didn’t really “need”. I was also looking for the window with the right colors without too much damage. I found it!

Headboard: $40. I have been wanting a headboard for a LONG time and have never had one on any of my beds. ever. So I was thinking I wanted an upholstered headboard for our bed, but then came across this one and loved it (and also figured Ryan would love it too). It is solid pine and has all these little knots which I love.

It goes well with our current bedside tables and I love the color of the dark stain.

So all in all a VERY productive weekend of garage sale shopping. I am looking forward to saving some money for the next time I have an opportunity to go garage sale shopping. Who wants to come with me? ย ๐Ÿ™‚


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