Upstairs Bathroom Vanity Additions

The upstairs bathroom is a Jack and Jill style bathroom with vanities attached to both bedrooms and a shower and toilet area joining the two bedrooms.

We recently installed mirrors and vanity lights to both sides.

back in the day- this is what this area used to look like. There were no mirrors and the vanity lights had old paint all over them, wouldn’t hang straight, and I just didn’t like the style very much.

This is the vanity light I picked out

We chose an oval mirror

Ignore the messy vanity. We have plans to eventually change the counter top (currently the vanity top is a yellowed cream-we would rather white). Ryan already painted the cabinets white- they used to be off white

and there’s also a light next to the shower

This is all a vast improvement from what was there but we are not really that close to finishing this area of the house. We still have to lay down tile, and do other things that will take time (and money)


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