Kitchen Reveal

The time has come to show the final kitchen. For those of you who have been peeking in on the blog, this is what I’ve been excited to show you. We moved in 2 weeks ago and have been working hard on settling into our home and getting things unpacked. There is still a lot to do on the house but it is comfortably livable, and we just love it!  Ryan and I find ourselves looking around the house and smiling, commenting on how nice everything looks and how good everything turned out, even with some (or a lot) of hiccups along the way.

While I made the design decisions, My dad, with Ryan’s help, did a nearly perfect job at executing all those ideas and making them a reality. Looking back, I never thought the original kitchen had THIS much potential. Before it was dark, dingy, and had so many issues. Our goal was to make it light and bright and I think we accomplished our goal dead on!

When we bought the home, the kitchen was missing a sink and disposal, a window, a fridge, had a broken dishwasher, cracked granite countertop, a plumbing leak in the sheet rock behind the cabinets and mold (hidden at the time and later discovered), a water logged half ripped up wood floor, a gushing leak from the sink plumbing pipe, cracked backsplash, old black stove and microwave, and several other issues. All those issues have been remedied! The coloring from the walls to ceiling, cabinets, counter top, backsplash, was all dark, making the space feel more cramped. It was definitely not somewhere where I wanted to be.

Since pictures are worth a thousand words I’ll let them do the talking. If you haven’t seen any previous reno posts, I encourage you to take a look at them to see why we did what we did, the materials we chose, what we salvaged and what we replaced, paint colors, hardware choices, appliances, etc. It is a pretty dramatic change.



Here is a look at the kitchen when we bought the home before the renovations started

kitchen before the renos began

Then the renovations began

And now for the completed kitchen

so from this

to this

to this

to this- I’d say it is 100% improved 🙂

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