Country Living Fair-ATX

A few weeks ago, my girlfriends and I took a road trip to Austin. We planned to go during the same time that the Country Living Fair was going on. I’ve been wanting to go to this fair for about 2 years now since i’ve been subscribing to Country Living magazine but it is usually too far away being either in Ohio or Georgia.  This year it came to ATX and I wasn’t about to miss my chance. It was a LOT of fun and we all walked away with really good finds!

I went with the intention of buying only things I “needed” for the house. While one of my friends was in search for wedding decor, I was mainly on the prowl for a chandelier for the dining area (there’s no light there currently), and any other useful small piece of furniture. Once we got to the fair and saw all the furniture and large items for sale at really good prices, we all wished we had driven in a truck, or better yet, a U-Haul. 🙂

I will for sure go next year if it’s in Austin again!

Rust-o-leum was a sponsor

wedding flower option? maybe so…

There were two main areas to view. One was all for antiques and the other area was mainly for repurposed stuff, furniture creations,crafts, and other things of that nature. We spent all day perusing these various areas, and wanted to take almost ALL of the stuff home.

Amy bought that middle suit case. Super cute faux crock.

The main wholesaler for these chairs for the country was there (sell to crate and barrel and others). $105/piece. Normally $200+. They had really cute colors. No room to take them home though.

On to the repurposed area

chandeliers re-done with Rust-oleum products

discounted books seen in the magazine

Lesly found a wreath! Super cute and you couldn’t really buy the materials and make it for cheaper!

I think I see something hanging that I like…

That’s it.  I was really hesitant to buy it because I had been looking SO long for one and had a hard time making the final decision but it was a good price, the right size, and I loved it.  I took a chance that Ryan wouldn’t hate it and bought the chandelier.

staged furniture areas from their sponsors

My chandelier! I Can’t wait to hang it up. I think it will bring the right vibe to our eclectic space.

It was a Great day!


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