The Chandelier Dilemma

So I have been thinking about a lighting fixture for the dining area for several months. Pretty much ever since we bought the house back in December and I knew the dining area was missing a light fixture. I had searched countless websites and stores and found really awesome lights that would be perfect, but none that were the right price. I am eclectic in my designing preferences and decorating, so I wasn’t really limited on the style.  When I first wanted to get a chandelier, I didn’t even have a table yet, so I knew I should probably wait to purchase the light until I got a table to really know what size and style of light would be best.  I searched Home Depot in store and online, Pottery Barn, Lamps Plus, Crate and Barrel, Target, Thrift and consignment stores, Shades of Light (online), West Elm, Etsy, and many stores in downtown McKinney.  I was over analyzing to the MAX what would be the perfect light because I was going to be spending a good chunk of change on the thing and didn’t want to make a bad decision.  Throughout  my searching, I found some definite contenders all with a different look and feel:

From Industrial…

Shades of Light


To whimsical/rustic…

From Unique Unique Designs in Downtown McKinney. Awesome in person! But not a realistic price for me.

Lamps Plus

To contemporary/modern…

Shades of Light

To Traditional…

Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn

As mentioned in my previous post, I found the right light for the right price at the Country Living Fair in Austin a few weeks back and finally hung it up last night. I LOVE it. Ryan could care less 🙂 It is an 8-light chandelier with crystal prisms and a antique brass finish. I was a little worried it wouldn’t fit well in the space but now that it’s hanging up, my worries are gone. Looking at the space and the table currently, I could have gone bigger with 10 or 12 lights but I think this size is just perfect. The prisms reflect the light, helping to brighten the space.

Here she is in her sad little box

and here she is up and lit! (picture taken at night)

(Pictures taken during the day)


After. View from the Living room

The way the room is currently, I can turn the table either way. I think I like it this way best.

view from the kitchen

And the best part is that I only spent $250 on this one! Half or less than some of the others I was looking at. woohoo! That leaves more money for a hutch…

Have a happy Monday!


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