Living Room Custom Built-in Cabinets

It’s been a while since my last blog post but we have still been busy settling into the house and have many posts to catch up on. This last week we had the pleasure of hosting our Canadian and Arkansas family for a few days.  Ryan and I truly enjoyed having a place that our family could stay and look forward to future visits from them as well as other visitors 🙂

Now onto the topic at hand. In our living room, there is a fireplace on a long wall with no cabinets around it so I wanted to have my dad build some that would fit the space perfectly. We knew he could build them for a fraction of the cost it would take for me to hire someone else to do it and that is the only reason we could afford to do this project at this time. Ryan and I wanted a space to store the TV, DVDs, games, and I wanted some shelves to display frames, nick-nacks, and other decorations.


I wanted the bookshelf portion to have bead board backing as well as the doors on the lower cabinets. The nice thing about bead board is that it is light weight and cheap but still has a nice look to it. I also wanted the design to have a rounded portion at the top of the bookshelf to help tie in with the rounded part on the fireplace.

I am so excited with the way they turned out. Having the built-in cabinets completely changes the room and now the television is up off the floor where all the wires and cords can be hidden.  I must say, it is such an awesome thing to be able to explain and show pictures of what I want to my dad and have him be able to create it!

The space before

Building the cabinets



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