Vintage Dictionary Page Prints

A while back I had purchased some vintage dictionary page prints from Etsy.

At the time I hadn’t the slightest idea where they would go or what I was going to do with them because we were still renovating the house. I had imagined they would go in the “library” but once I framed them they ended up in the living room.  There was a blank wall behind the sofa and I didn’t really have any other art or pictures that I wanted to go in that space so these prints ended up there.  I enjoy the whimsical feel of the images even though they are unrelated- besides the fact they’re all printed on vintage dictionary pages.  🙂

IKEA frames: $10

Images: $8-10/piece from Etsy

Thanks Amy T. for helping me to hang the frames level with one another!!

The funny thing about purchasing prints on random dictionary pages is that you can’t control what words are defined on the page. On the print with the caribou, the first word on the page is “cankerworm” which I was able to block out with the frame matting 🙂 A few words down from that in the middle of the picture (which i can’t block out) are the words cannibal and cannibalize with their lovely definitions.  It makes me laugh every time I get close enough to read it. The good thing is the viewing of these prints is done at a distance so most people will never know-except those that read this post…

Hope everyone is having a great week!


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