Amy and Lainey’s trip to Texas

My best friend who I’ve known for about 20 years (makes us sound old!)  Amy E. and her one-year old daughter Lainey came down from Illinois last week to stay a few days at our house. It was a fun week even though it poured rain one day, which made it somewhat challenging to figure out things to do that would also entertain Lainey. We did some shopping, baking, lots of catching up, walked to downtown McKinney to eat Gelato, and a few evenings we played scrabble with Ryan after Lainey went to bed.  I am glad she was able to come and see the house and hang out with me!

here are some cute pictures from the week

Lainey took a liking to Ryan, which I thought was just precious. Now Ryan says he wants a daughter 🙂

Our sink works perfectly for bathing babies 🙂

At Paciugos. First taste of Gelato! Actually it was dairy free Sorbet. Mango flavor. yum yum.

standing beside the old bank vault in downtown McKinney

big girl!

Polka dot twins!

Miss you Amy and Lainey!! Thanks for coming and visiting us in Texas! Come back anytime! 🙂



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