Hall of Frame

There was a blank patch of wall at the top of the stairwell between the two upstairs bedrooms. I had wanted to do a frame collage on a wall in the house like we had previously in our old bedroom and decided that this wall would be a good one since nothing else was going to be hung up around it.

We took the frames literally floor to ceiling. Ryan’s grandfather had given him a really neat carving of a cougar that he had made and this piece of wood is VERY heavy, so it worked out nicely to set it up against the wall just under where the frames started. It’s so heavy it doesn’t really have a chance of getting knocked over easily. I like how we can see the frames when we enter the front door, so even if we’re not headed upstairs, we can still see them from time to time. The nice thing is we can change out or update the pictures whenever we want.  I still need to secure the frame edges with tape or another adhesive so they don’t hang all crooked.


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