China Plate Wall Display/Card Catalog Buffet

I have been collecting china for some time now, mainly tea cups and cake plates, from our travels, flea markets, thrift/antique stores, and some have been given to me.  I wanted to display some of those things in the dining area. I originally was set on a hutch, but seeing as our space is smaller, I decided not to bring a big cabinet into the already cramped space.  I ended up using my card catalog to display some tea cups and then my friend came up with an idea to hang a bunch of plates on the wall since I had very little surface area for those kinds of things.

We ended up hanging 20 cake plates using plate hangers I bought at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby.  I am very pleased with how it all turned out! Also a plus now that we have the washer and dryer stacked, we were able to put moose’s cage in the laundry room instead of the dining room. The space is now complete minus a few details that I have in mind.

first we laid out the plates in the order we wanted to hang them. We took into consideration their size (since the sizes varied slightly) and the color and pattern.

then placed all the plates in the hangers

and started hanging the plates on the wall. It was not the easiest process to space ALL the plates evenly.  The most important thing was to get the plates level across, which we did, otherwise the whole display gets thrown off.


almost done



As far as the card catalog turned buffet goes, I placed it against the window. My dad had built a stand for it a while back but I had never stained the wood so I just did that and it looks a lot better.

And all of it together!

I plan on having 2 additional chairs to be able to have at the table- one in either of those corners near the window.

The nice thing about the plate art is that I can add to the display as I collect more plates over time. The plates can also be taken down a few at a time, used, and put back up. It is a workable piece of art. Easy as pie. 🙂



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