McKinney Farmer’s Market Saturdays

This last Saturday after my friend Amy and I went garage sale-ing we decided to head to the McKinney Farmers market.  I’ve been wanting to go since I heard about it a while back. The local vendors and farmers bring their produce and products every Saturday to Chestnut Square in downtown McKinney and are there from 9am-noon.  It’s not quite the size of the Farmers market i’m used to going to back in Iowa, but basically the same stuff is sold. There’s all the produce you would want as well as products from homemade candies, artisanal breads, flowers, lavender, soaps, etc., and even fresh meat.   I appreciate that almost the entire market is shaded, which makes it a more pleasant outing in the summer.

We ended up getting suckered into buying toffee that was a bit overpriced if you ask me, but the seller gave us one sample and we were hooked 🙂 I also bought a vase of fresh flowers and the man selling them told me if I bring the vase back I can get a $1 off my next arrangement!  It’s fun to get out and do something different and I like the fact I’m supporting local farmers and merchants.

I will be going back. Anyone is welcome to come with me next time!

First flower arrangement in the new house. I loved the orange. Ignore the sprig of lavender that’s sticking up. I was given that at the market and just needed to stick it in some water 🙂


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