Amy’s Bridal Shower Tea

Ok, to start off, I have many friends with the name Amy, so chances are, If I mention a friend of mine, 50% of the time it will be an Amy. This Amy however, is Amy Gill who will be getting married this August. I had the pleasure of co-hosting her bridal shower at our house, which was the first official event held here. We had a great turn out of 22 people and it was a blast. I was worried about space because our house isn’t that big but we had a nice cozy time and brought in lots of folding chairs to accommodate  the number of guests.

We decided to have a tea themed bridal shower, which was fine by me considering the fact I collect vintage china so I had lots of things to use for the shower.  There were 4 of us bridesmaids who hosted the shower, her sisters Emmy and Katie, me and Lesly. It was nice having several people to host so we could all bounce ideas off one another to make this shower as special for Amy as we could.

We decided to go with a simple menu and make everything from scratch. It was an afternoon tea so we had a simple menu of hot beverages (tea and coffee), cold beverages (water with lime and pink lemonade), a variety of scones (chocolate chip, vanilla bean, and strawberry), cake balls, sausage balls, and fruit.

The girls came over Saturday morning early and we baked our little hearts out 🙂

Emmy was the experienced cook/baker of the bunch so we went to her with all our baking dilemmas/questions

Lesly looking over the recipe closely. She had the pleasure of making the chocolate chip scones (which I believe were the overall favorite of the guests). So good job Les! The recipe can be found here.

ready to pop in the oven.

I ran by the McKinney Farmers Market that morning to pick up these sweet little arrangements for the shower.

Gathering all the stuff to display the food on.

Trying to figure out how to display it all. I didn’t have a table-cloth so I just placed a bunch of vintage hankerchiefs on the table.

All of her bridesmaids chipped in to get her this awesome mixer (ice blue)!! This, as some of you may know, is one of those things almost every bride registers for and hopes to receive 🙂 There are many many colors but this color is by far my favorite, although when it comes to a kitchenaide, I think several colors would be awesome.  So retro and cute. We stuffed the bowl with a spatula, apron, tea towel, and cupcake mix.

The Spread! (minus a few things)

Emmy made these adorable cake balls and they were perfect and delish!!

the not so perfect looking strawberry scones I made, but they tasted fine all the same 🙂 Recipe for these to come soon.

chocolate chip scones

vanilla bean scones

Emmy also made the sausage balls- sounds weird-but oh-so-good! We wanted to offer something savory as well as sweet so these were the choice.

Recipe to come as well.


The bride-to-be with her favorite tea cup

and now for pictures of the guests (these are for you Amy!)

Amy’s sweet long time friend of the family spoke a sweet dedication including words of wisdom for a successful marriage.

Albany (Amy’s niece) was a good little helper 😉

Her Grandma cross-stitched several dish towels for her. How sweet is that! so cute and vintage looking.

mother of the bride!

how cute is that apron!

Love you Amy! Hope this shower was everything you imagined it would be 🙂

And I had so much fun, if I had it my way, my side business would be providing china, scones, and tea to people, assisting them in having a lovely tea party for any event. Let me know if you’d be interested. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Amy’s Bridal Shower Tea

  1. The shower was wonderful. You girls did a great job and I loved the theme!!! I think you should have also had a picture of the top of your dresser showing all you jewelery in tea cups. I loved that. Everything was so neat!! I know Amy treasures all your friendships!!!
    It was a great time!!!! Thanks for making this time so special for Amy! Auntie B

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