Wooden Letters

I thought it was high time I make a post  about something “crafty.” I made these letters, first for my our wedding, then as Christmas gifts which I gave to a few friends last year.  They make great gifts and aren’t expensive to make. They just take some time and patience.

Supplies you’ll need:

1. Rubber cement (or some other glue compound)

2. wooden letters of your choosing (I have chosen to do initials so far)

3. acrylic paint (I choose black generally) and a paint brush

4. book pages (Readers Digest books work great for this)

5. Black Ribbon (or color of your choosing)

6. exacto knife


Step 1: Paint all the letters a paint color of your choosing. You only really need to paint the back and sides but I usually paint the front as well. Let the paint dry completely before gluing any paper to the wood.

Step 2. Find book pages you want to use and cut out enough pages to cover the surface area of your particular letter.

Again, I use Reader’s digest books because I have a ton of them and it doesn’t take many pages to cover a letter. I generally don’t care about the writing on the actual page, but I try to make sure to be observant of the wording in case it has words on it I would definitely NOT want showing up.

for example the sentence “dead, Mrs. Hamilton…”

This is not really something you’d want to have on a letter given to an actual Mrs. Hamilton- I’m glad I was paying attention. Plus no one really wants the word “dead” on their letters anyways but with Readers Digest, you never know what you’re gonna get 🙂

Step 3. Place glue on the front of the wooden letter and place the letter face down on the paper. Press firmly.

Step 4. Take your exacto kife and start cutting the excess paper from the letters edge. Use a sharp knife to avoid pulling the paper from the freshly glued surface

keep doing this process until you have covered the entire letter, slightly overlapping anytime two paper edges meet. Pay attention to the way the paper is glued so the pages don’t start getting crooked as more are added.

Step 5. Take some paint and start going around the edge of the letter forming a slight border. This is not supposed to be precise, in fact, it looks better if it’s  done messily. You can also use a glitter paint if you want to add some sparkle.

Step 6. Continue to lightly paint randomly on the face of the letter. This is done to help give it an “aged” look.

Step 7. When it has the look you want, let it dry and hang a ribbon with glue or a small tack.

and voila!

I like to add these to picture collages shown here

and I used them to hang off the backs of our chairs at our wedding


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