Christmas in July

The other day, Ryan and I were discussing how excited we were for our first Christmas in our very own home together. I know  I know, it’s only July, but you have to understand how much Ryan and I LOVE the Christmas season and everything about it. We talked about where we would want to put our tree and nativity scene (which he got me last Christmas), what color lights we’d want for the outside of the house, where all our decorations would go, what kind of festive activities we wanted to partake in, and are excited for the possibility to have family, both his side and mine, over at Christmas! Since that discussion, I thought it would be fun to share some of our traditions-adopted from each of our families and some we created on our own.

One of our biggest traditions is purchasing Christmas ornaments each year for the tree. Ryan and I usually pick out something from the Hallmark store because they have all sorts of random themes we like and then we usually keep up with the series for a few years.  He has his ornaments and I have mine and that’s pretty clear if you ever take a peek at our tree. 🙂 We always say we’re gonna limit it to one but we’ll each end up walking out with 5 or so. whoops. No self control. My mom is the one who started this tradition for my sister and I when we were little-she’d pick out an ornament for each of us each year until we were older, then we’d pick out our very own. Her intention was for us to take them with us when we got married to have on our own trees.

One of Ryan’s series is the “Grinch” series

I started collecting the “Gingerbread house” series a few years back

I loved when Hallmark came out with their children book series

We buy ornaments on our vacations to help remind us of our trips

We got two from Boston. Haha. 

and sometimes friends buy us ornaments on their trips! This one is from Germany-it’s one of my favorites 🙂

We have home-made ornaments by me…

and home-made ones given by friends

and ones I think are just pretty 🙂

We enjoy getting them out each year and seeing the ones we’d forgotten about. I just LOVE giving ornaments as gifts.

We have a tradition of stuffing our stockings with little gifts and candy (which many people do) I need to make some stockings for this year.

We like to make special treats that Ryan’s mom made when he was growing up which include Chex mix, spritz cookies, cheese ball, english toffee, and peanut brittle. (recipes to come this Christmas season 🙂 We always watch our set of Christmas movies while eating all those yummy treats!

Feel free to share any of your fun Christmas traditions!!



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