Pen Pals and Snail Mail

OK. I miss the days of snail mail!! I miss having pen pals, and I miss getting little letters in the mail instead of emails-not that technology of this day isn’t fast and convenient- I just like the tangibility of mail (not bills and advertisements though). I enjoy writing letters and sending cards and want to keep doing it as long as the post office exists ๐Ÿ™‚ I even enjoy buying all the different stamps the post office has to offer instead of the basic forever stamp. In our neighborhood, the mailmen still deliver mail on foot and I think that’s kinda neat. Mostly, because most houses in the historic district and surrounding areas, like ours, still have their mailboxes attached to their houses.

I feel like I’m forgetting how to write well, because I rarely have a need to write on paper anymore, so I feel like my writing has become sloppy and my punctuation has become lazy and is hardly used correctly (as evidenced by this blog :)) . I also want to learn how to do caligraphy or pretty writing like this

vintage stamps are always fun

and I may dabble in making my own envelope liners. There’s a tutorial that I found here

I think it’s fun to dress the envelope up any way possible. Recently, I purchased an address stamper and I LOVE it! There were so many options but I finally decided on this one. It’s from papersource and you can purchase different ink pad colors and even change out the plates for different designs if you want.

So if anyone’s up for being my pen pal, just send me your address- I guarantee I’ll send you a prompt letter /card:)


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