Beginnings of a Library

This post is so long overdo that I forgot I haven’t posted about our library bookshelves that we set up back in May. So here it is.

Ryan and I decided that with 3 bedrooms in this house we can use the spare ones for a guest room and library, seeing as we don’t have any children yet, and don’t plan on that for some time. We love to read,  and books could be considered the things we  “collect.”  Plus, I’ve always dreamed of having a library in my house ever since I watched Beauty and the Beast as a little girl. Are you with me girls?


I wanted lots of shelving for books with a few accessories as well. Since we have to be budget wise, we went to Ikea and picked several units in the BILLY collection in black, installed them with the help of our dear friend Amy T. and then Amy and I accessorized immediately with what I had laying around. The room started with having a bunch of boxes of stuff that had no where to go, but we ended up clearing almost the entire floor once the shelves were set up.

I, of  course, would love a ladder to swing from as I make my book selection among the hundreds of titles, but alas, that dream will have to wait. 🙂







for one of the units we bought a deeper unit and added doors to be able to store board games and other stuff we don’t want displayed aka “ugly books”.

Children’s books are on the bottom and easily accessible 🙂

This is the only near finished part of the whole “library” so far. We plan on adding some art and pictures to the walls, and need to set up a little desk for our computer in the window dormer. We would like to have framed pictures of our travels and a big map on the wall to pin where we’ve been and where we’d like to go  (everywhere). Also, we’ll need some comfortable furniture. Right now, we have one ikea chair and ottoman and that may be too much Ikea for one room.

To re-create this look you’ll need:

2 of these

2 of these

1 of these

and a corner kit (to anchor a angled bookshelf)



5 thoughts on “Beginnings of a Library

  1. When our Border’s was going out of business, they were selling book shelves with those book shelf ladders and I SOOO wanted one so I could peruse my books like Belle, but seeing as I have no library (and don’t even own a house), I figured I’d better pass. 😦

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