Jack and Jill Bathroom-unfinished

So we haven’t redone the tile in the jack and jill bathroom yet but we hope to soon. I would also like to replace the two faucets and possibly the counter tops.  So far we’ve  just replaced the lighting and i’ve accessorized with what I had on hand so I literally didn’t spend any money on the “decorating.”  The camera makes the color on the walls look much brighter than it really is because it’s a little more subdued of a blue than this.


I bought this little hutch at a thrift store for $5 not really knowing what i’d do with it. It was already painted with that crackle paint to make it look weathered and I put some glass knobs on it. At first I was using it for my china but now that I have kitchen cabinet space for that stuff I thought this space fit the piece perfectly. It sits right in front of the shower tub to house guest towels and other things like that. 








That spot just past the tile is just sub flooring right now and is like that on either side of the shower/toilet part (Jack and Jill spaces). We’ll replace the whole bathroom area of tile. 

The counters are cream/gold so I’d love to replace them with marble like we did in our master bathroom. However, we may just decide to spend our money elsewhere in the house or in the yard. The faucets definitely need to be replaced though.


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