DIY Travel Map

Ryan and I have been reminiscing lately about the trips we’ve taken and discussing the trips we’d like to take in the future. Basically, we’d like to travel…everywhere. No big deal. We wanted a way to display where we’ve been and where we want to go so a DIY travel map just seemed like the best idea. I had been wanting to find a world map to frame and hang in our library for a long time but this way, it’s more interactive and purposeful.

This is a list of things you might need if you ever wanted to make one yourself

1 map- we found ours here

one open frame- we used 24×36 frame

cork board to fit inside the frame-(again-we found a 24×36 size at Hobby Lobby)

fabric to cover cork board (if you choose to cover it)

hot glue and tacky glue

map pins

frame mounting kit

Instructions: Cover the cork board with fabric by gluing the fabric around the edge of the cork board (I used hot glue but i’m sure there are many glues that could work). Cut off excess fabric.  Glue the covered cork board into the open frame. Attach frame screws and wire to the back of the frame. Then pin or glue to map to the front and start pinning your travels.

We purchased everything we needed from Hobby Lobby, cork board and all.

our map came rolled so there were no creases

Our map came with pins and ideas on how to make flags for the pins. We decided not to make the flags

We have color coded pins for places I’ve been, places he’s been, places we’ve both been, and places we’re wanting to travel to in the next few years. We would have pinned up the whole map otherwise because we’d like to see a LOT of places.

As you may notice, our travels have kept us mainly in North America, but we can’t wait to travel overseas. 

To see pictures and details of the rest of the library click here


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