Master Bathroom Renovation: Part 1

Back in March/April when we were completing the kitchen reno and the floors, our contractor had informed us that we had a surplus of money in our loan renovation budget and should choose what we wanted to do with it. Ryan and I discussed the options and felt that a bathroom renovation would be the best “return on investment.”  The current bathroom was cramped, had a gross tub shower, wasn’t very functional, and had other problems so I was thrilled we had the opportunity to improve it.

Since this was loan money, our contractor had to be the one performing the renovation, so we hand picked all the supplies and designed what we wanted.

We had visions of a glass walk in shower with rain shower head and tiled with white subway tile instead of the shower tub, sea blue and light grey color scheme, new marble countertop, new toilet and faucet, new light fixtures, and new tile flooring. We got everything but a rain shower head. This first set of pictures is what the bathroom looked like when we first purchased the home.

vanity area

Then came the changes little by little…

We painted the vanity instead of replacing it

We painted the walls and tore out the shower tub. We wanted to take down the wall that was to the right of the vanity and replace it with glass from the shower to help make the space feel more open. We had to re-route the shower head plumbing to the other side of the shower in order to do that. 

We wanted white subway tile for the shower walls with light grey grout and for the shower flooring we chose grey and white penny tile (all tile from 

Stay tuned for Part 2 and the final reveal.


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