New Antique Curio Cabinet

I have been wanting something to place on this awkward wall in our bathroom to house towels and other bathroom stuff. I had a tall bookshelf there since we moved in as it was the only thing I had but it wasn’t a good fit because it was too big for the space and had too many shelves for what I needed. My friend had a friend needing to sell this antique curio cabinet so I ended up buying it. I figure it will make a awesome addition to a dining room one day but, since I don’t have one in this house, this cabinet is the perfect storage solution for us in our bathroom.  I love what the wood color brings to the white, blue, and grey color scheme.  It is around 130 years old according to the previous owner whose grandfather bought it off a doctor back in the day, so it has its nicks and dents but I think all the imperfections add to the beauty of piece. The mirror is so old it almost resembles mercury glass. I love it!

To see other pictures of the Master Bath click Here


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