Fall is Here at the Carter’s Residence

As the title suggests, Fall has arrived here at our house. By that, I mean I finally have ALL the fall decorations up (although I don’t have much) and the weather is starting to be more cool than warm. This weekend Ryan and I worked on the yard a little bit trimming back all the roses that were blocking the view of the front porch, so now all the fall flowers I potted can be seen from the street. Yay! To be honest, and a little crazy, I decorated for fall the first day of September (when it was still 90 degrees). ย I had a slight decorators block because it didn’t feel like Fall, not a one bit, and there weren’t even any pumpkins for sale in the markets. Well now there are hardly any pumpkins left! Needless to say, once I planted the fall flowers outside the “Fall decorating” felt complete. I have a wreath on the door and everything. Found it at a garage sale for $1 and just ripped all the ugly silk floral right off of it. I am thinking about adding something fall-ish to it. Any ideas?

I love this color of Mum next to the house

That is a picture we took on our trip to Boston last Fall so I felt it was fitting. The silver vase if from Gray living located on the downtown McKinney square.

I love this little pumpkin made out out of Reader’s Digest books. I bought it thinking I’d try to make one myself but haven’t gotten around to it yet…

Sparkly pumpkins are fun too!

and of course the dishtowel has to match the seasons ๐Ÿ™‚


3 thoughts on “Fall is Here at the Carter’s Residence

  1. And of course, the dishtowel has to have birds…

    Love the fall decor! Wish I had anything like that. But I don’t. I’ll settle for having the real fall colors outside my window. ๐Ÿ™‚

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