Garage Sale Finds

I have enjoyed searching for garage sales ever since I figured out people have more than just “junk” to sell.  I enjoy getting out early on a Saturday morning and seeing what kind of deals I can scrape up and I REALLY enjoy finding something I actually need for cheap or something I know someone else wants or needs (so let me know and I’ll keep an eye out :).   The past few weekends I have convinced Ryan to come with me and he has had more fun than he thought he would.  We have been lucky to find more estate sales the past few weekends where both of us have bought some neat stuff and let’s be honest, It’s always fun to snoop and peruse  through someone else’s home.  Since I have found interesting things lately, I have decided to post pictures of what I find at these estate sales and garage sales.  This first post will combine several weekends of finds.

Tree Stand: $4

vintage looking Curious George Pale and shovel (for my nephew who loves curious George): $1

board books: 50 cents for all

alphabet cards: 50 cents

brass candelabra: $4

silver bowl: $4

pressed copper letter holder: $1

bag of pine cones $1

print of an etching of old Frankfurt Germany pre WWII: $1 (My favorite find that weekend)

and here is what I’ve done with some of these things

The candelabra and silver bowl made there way to our card catalog for the fall decor. I put mini pumpkins and gourds in the bowl and orange candle sticks on the candelabra.

I still need a frame for the print but for now it’s hanging above one of the chairs in the living room frameless.

Here are some finds from another weekend

assortment of books-coffee table/travel books: $8

1940s dictionary: $1 (figured I could use the pages for crafts)

small flower painting: $1

larger landscape painting: $15

Black Forrest German cuckoo clock: $10 (I’ve always wanted one but they are really expensive)

Gold pine cone christmas decoration: $2

Christmas ornament $1

The flower painting has brightened up our bathroom



The landscape painting was hung above our bed. I’m not sure if it will stay here but I like it for now.


and although I haven’t figured out how to operate the cuckoo clock yet, I wanted to hang it up because I think it looks cool 🙂




and this last weekend we found some large light up candy canes for the outside christmas decorations, a few DVDs for 50 cents each, and I found some gently worn ugg boots that are super comfy.

I encourage you to get up early one Saturday morning and see what kind of treasures you can find for cheap!


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