Meeting the “famous” John and Sherry from Young House Love

The weekend before Thanksgiving I had the pleasure of meeting John and Sherry from Young House Love as they were doing a book signing for their newly released DIY project book.

Young House Love: 243 Ways to Paint, Craft, Update & Show Your Home Some Love 

I discovered John and Sherry’s Blog about 2 years ago and was instantly hooked. They are a DIY savvy couple who aren’t afraid to try anything and come up with the neatest ways to improve spaces in the home that are budget friendly (the premise of their book). They had started their blog originally to show friends and family their new home renovations, which is was what got me thinking and eventually inspired me to purchase a home that needed TLC as well (and start a blog), but their blog ended up becoming their full time job.  If you haven’t seen their blog GO CHECK IT OUT NOW by clicking the link above. They are now renovating their second home which is just lovely, and their blog is up to 5 MILLION hits a month! wow.
The book signing was at West Elm off Mockingbird in Dallas and after seeing the comments on their facebook from the previous book signings, I decided to get their early. I arrived around 8:40 for the 11am singing all prepared with a book, I-pad, and other things to keep me entertained for the several hour wait, but to my surprise there was no need for any of that. The people I ended up standing next to in line were so friendly and we all got to talking.  Before we knew it, we were meeting John and Sherry and exchanging blog sites and emails 🙂  It was the funnest time I’ve ever spent waiting in a line that’s for sure, and it just goes to show that the Young House Love following is a friendly group of down to earth people just like John and Sherry.
Once West Elm opened, we were allowed in the doors and the line continued to form throughout the store and wrapped around outside for what seemed like forever long. West Elm was a wonderful host and provided yummy hot chocolate and the cutest cookies.
I was so excited when they arrived because I was about 20 people from the front of the line.
the group
took a few stalker-like photos from a distance when they arrived.
and after about 3 hours of waiting, I finally got to meet them! What an exciting day.
signing their guest book
and now the proud owners of signed copies of their book!
thank you guys for helping make the day that much better! Glad I ended up standing next to you all.
After the adrenaline rush from the book signing was over, I decided to walk off my new found energy perusing West Elm’s Christmas displays and went home with a few new christmas decorations.
apparently I’m not the only one who likes birds…but no, I didn’t buy any
and finally an animal head display I can get on board with
Once I got home I immediately found a good place for my new book.  Happy Birthday to me! 🙂

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