Yearly Anniversary Picture

Back in 2010 when the amazing Erin Woolsey took our engagement pictures, we had a favorite picture that was taken on a park bench and my aunt gave me the idea to try and replicate that picture every year for our anniversary. On our wedding day (October 2nd), we had Erin take another bench picture and now it has become our “thing.”  We’ve decided that wherever we are, on our anniversary (or close to) we will try and re-create that picture on a bench. If kiddos ever come along we’ll find a way to get them in the picture too 🙂

spring 2010-The first picture taken for our engagements that started it all (Taken by Erin Woolsey)

2010– Our wedding day (Taken by Erin Woolsey)

2011-Our first anniversary when we were in Boston. This picture was taken in the Boston Common

2012– Since we’re living less than a mile from where we got married, we went back to the bench where our wedding day one was taken.

Ryan says the funnest part about all of this is watching me operate the self-timer on the camera, run to where he is, and try to get “settled in” to the pose before the camera goes CLICK.  Maybe we’ll make an album of all the shots that didn’t work, because those are just as entertaining. 🙂 You could also try this same thing but take the picture with every season, which would look cute but is harder to keep up with in my opinion. Love you Ryan and I can’t wait to continue this tradition until we are old and wrinkled!

Do any of you have something special you do every year for your anniversaries?


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