“Oh Christmas Tree”

My Birthday just happened to be Black Friday and what did I decide to do?  I decided the thing I most wanted was to go pick out a Christmas tree and decorate it before Ryan had to go to work that day. We went to Home Depot and tried to decide between artificial v. real. After about an hour of contemplation, we decided to get a real tree, and boy am I glad we did. We had thought an artificial tree would be nice because it’s much less maintenance and once you buy it you don’t have to worry about buying one every year. But all the artificial trees that looked even close to a real tree were pricey and still didn’t look as good as the real thing.

I come from a background of artificial trees (actually just one artificial tree that has lasted our family 26 years now), Ryan, on the other hand, always had a real tree.  I told him mine was awesome and nostalgic because, I mean come on, it is 26 years old and still gets put up every year and hasn’t fallen apart yet (how “green” is that).

said 26 year old tree-isn’t she a beauty?

However, after having such success with this 100% authentic Fraser Fir, I may have crossed over to the other side of the debate. Real trees are awesome, or at least this one is. It is 7Ft. of green piney awesomeness and I LOVE IT! The only downside is, I have some pretty heavy ornaments that the tree branches are having a hard time supporting, because they’re not made of wire.

I didn’t think there were good trees to be found here it Texas but I was proven wrong. Ryan says this is one of the best trees he’s ever seen and he’s from Canada. His standards are kinda high 🙂

the star we got from Target ($5-score)! It’s pretty, silver, and sparkly. 

I just went to Joanne fabric and got some burlap to wrap around the base. Much cheaper than a tree skirt and they had a cute metallic sparkly red polka dot pattern (geez is that enough adjectives for a fabric pattern?).

now time for ornaments!

Ryan and I collect ornaments. We always buy one or two on any trip we take, and pick out a hallmark ornament every year (a tradition carried on from my Mom). So, needless to say, after 8 years of being together, we already have a LOT of them. We’ll just need to eventually get a bigger tree to fit them all, which i’m perfectly fine with.

Yes. that is a couch full of ornaments my friends.

and more on the chair

These are a few of our favorite ornaments, both mine and his.

the tree during the daytime

and the tree at night!

Merry Christmas!


3 thoughts on ““Oh Christmas Tree”

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  2. Looove all your ornaments!! Never stop collecting, what a great idea! I grew up always having real trees too, in Colorado we’d cut them down off our own property. Now Jake and I have a fake one, it’s definitely not the same…

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