Decking our Halls

The Christmas decorations are up and it’s time to share some pictures!

Table centerpiece

These candlesticks were given to me by my in-laws for Christmas one year and are the “fanciest” things I own, which is why I thought the holidays were the perfect time to use them in a centerpiece. The tapered candles were fitting a little loose in the holders so I wrapped a strip of and old book page around the base of the candle. Now they fit well and give a unique look. 

The lovely tree with more details on that in this post

The Nativity set Ryan gave me our first Christmas together as husband and wife. I’m glad I now have nice area to display it.

One year a friend had given me a snowman and then someone else ended up giving me another, so what did I do? I decided I needed a few more to make a “collection.”  For the past few years I’ve received them as gifts and now have a FULL collection and not enough space for all of them on one shelf 🙂 The mantle decor

Close-ups of the mantle decor

Our new stockings! I love them.

my new favorite pillow my friend Lesly gave me for my birthday-we both agree we can’t help but sing the song in our heads whenever we look at it 🙂

the first real wreath I’ve ever bought but I hung it on the inside of the door so I could see and smell it better, and also so it wouldn’t dry out as quickly in the sun outside.

And here’s the kitchen with a few holiday touches.

This is the knitted tea cozy I received from Ryan’s family for my birthday! It’s adorable. Ryan also gave me holiday tea that came in a cute tin. I added some “holiday” ingredients to my glass jars (candy canes and gingerbread cookies-which i’ll replace with marshmallows as soon as the cookies are gone 🙂 )

And of course the seasonal themed anthropologie dishtowel (surprise, I picked the one with NO birds on it even though there were many cute bird options)

Now to enjoy the decorated house throughout the rest of the season. Merry Christmas to all!


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