Anthropologie Tree Knock-Off

I had been lusting after Anthropologie’s paper tree last year but, was never going to pay what they were asking, for something that looked easy enough for me to make. So this is my own version of the HIGH-LOW project (If you haven’t watched that show on HGTV you should)


This is the picture I took with my cell phone so I could go back later and try to re-create the look. Well, although I LOVE to decorate, I am not the best “crafter.” Wish I was and aspire to be, but sadly, I’m just not all that skilled and rarely have the desire anymore to craft. However, doing this most recent project may have propelled me into craft mode (sorry Ryan), because this project was a success with a capital S! It is super easy to do and costs about $4 ( a little more if you have to go buy a book to cut up).

Mine is not an exact look-alike because Anthro used music sheets and I just used plain ol Readers Digest pages (I think these pages are full of intense murder mystery drama but hey, who’s actually reading the words)


Note: I am not at all claiming I am a “how to” blog but here’s my attempt at a explaining what I did 🙂

Here’s what you’ll need if you want to re-create this look:


1. scalloped edges scissors

2. Book/music sheet pages

3. wooden dowel

4. wooden bead (with a hole that fits on wooden dowel)

5. cardboard for spacers (I used a cereal box to cut up)

6. paint and brush

7. hole punch (a must have to punch holes in the cardboard)

8. Wooden base

9. a drill or something to make a small hole in the wooden base to place the dowel securely inside of

10. glue

Another Note: I got everything I needed in the same aisle at Hobby Lobby (with the exception of the paint I already had)

Basically all you do is paint the wood base and the bead whatever color you want (I chose silver). Then drill a hole in the middle of the base to be able to stick the dowel in. Then start cutting squares of paper from big to small. They do not all need to be precise (I eye-balled them and it looked fine). Cut up little cardboard squares to use as spacers and hole punch them. Then proceed to place paper and spacer on the dowel alternating as you go (no need to punch holes in the paper-the dowel will punch right through). I used about 10-20 squares of each size.  That’s it.  I cut the paper as I went so I could see how much I wanted of each size and continued to cut the paper smaller and smaller until I reached the top. Then fit the bead on top securing with a dab of glue. It does take a while but it’s easy and something you can do while watching a lovely Christmas movie. So grab your friends and get to it!

You could be fancy and add glitter to the edges of the paper or to the bead or even age the paper a little bit if it’s not already aged looking. Now we’re talking crafty. I like it.


I purposefully left a empty space on the card catalog for this project so it would force me to make it since I don’t like incomplete spaces. 🙂 DSC_0419

Voila! DSC_0420


the cool thing about this tree is that it looks different depending on what angle you’re seeing it from.DSC_0427



Disclaimer: You should end up with a big mess like this if you’re doing it right! Substitute your own empty cookie box.


Have fun crafting away! I want to see pictures if you have success! 🙂

Click here if you’d like to see more of how I’ve decorated the House for Christmas


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