Our “Themed” Christmas Tree

So I know I’ve said in the past that I am not really into “themed” trees but I take it back. I just never found a theme that I was interested in until now.  I put together a book themed christmas tree in the most fitting place in our house, the library 🙂

I have found book ornaments that I thought were so cute over the years and finally had enough to start putting them all on their own mini tree.  I just used the old tree I used to have in my apartment in college.  A few of these ornaments have been bought with my nephew, Matthew, in mind (aka Curious George and Green eggs and Ham). I think it’s fun to find the different book ornaments and hopefully will continue to add to the tree year after year.  This year, Hallmark came out with the Polar Express ornament, so I nabbed that one too. 🙂



Here are some close-ups of the ornaments






DSC_0400I own this book (in a normal size) and would be glad to have anyone come over and try to read the “cajun” version of The Night Before Christmas. It is hysterical.




5 thoughts on “Our “Themed” Christmas Tree

  1. Love the tree!! I’ve never even seen those cute ornaments before!! I think it looks awesome.. maybe one day I’ll do the same!! House is looking good too!

  2. Ah! LOVE IT! Perfect place for it too. 🙂 I always dreamed of putting a children’s book themed tree in my classroom until Lainey came along…now she gets them all on her tree, which sits atop her bookshelf, so also fitting. You have way more than me though! I just saw the Polar Express one, but haven’t gotten it yet. My faves of my storybook ornaments are Where the Wild Things Are and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

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