Lamp Swap

What do you do when you want new lamps but can’t spend the money on them? You convince someone you know to SWAP lamps with you. I had been talking to my Mom about the fact that she needed bedside table lamps (2 matching), so we took a trip to Home Goods. Well, we didn’t exactly see the perfect lamps for her but I found some really awesome ones that would work great in our room. The lamps I currently had were less than 2 years old from Home Goods as well, so I wasn’t even considering buying new lamps (even though mine didn’t exactly “go” with the color scheme I had going on). My lamps, however, WERE the right color, and scale for her bedroom, thus began the idea of a swap.  She didn’t mind taking my current lamps and buying the new ones for a sort of trade because both the lamps cost about the same price.  So, I got new lamps for nothing and we both ended up having the right lamp for our spaces.

 These are the old Lamps- although I loved them they really weren’t the best color for everything else I had going on. I had planned on moving them to the guest bedroom whenever I purchased new lamps to replace them.


New Lamps! They seem to be much better not only because of the color, but because of the shape and texture. They also take up less space on our small topped bedside tables which is a plus. Not sure if you can tell but they are gray.


I like the oval shaped shade and think the base has interesting textural appeal. Basically, “I Love Lamp”. DSC_0002 DSC_0005

So there you have it. New lamps for the cost of…$0. I’d say that’s pretty cool. So go swap lamps, mirrors, throws, frames, whatever else with your friends and update your spaces for free.


2 thoughts on “Lamp Swap

  1. Very cool idea, and your mom is probably happy, too! Another idea that John came up with and it worked very well, was to take some VERY old lamps I bought in the 70’s and use that spray paint that makes it look like stone on them. They came out really awesome. So I took a little plant stand/turned lamp table of iron and tile I pulled out of someones trash, and painted it. It completely changed the look and the stone texture is really cool with MY new lamps. 🙂

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