Bedside table turned sofa table

I picked up a table at the Canton Trade Days last summer and it ended up in our guest room as a bedside table. I had been thinking how much I love the table and would rather it be in a place where I can see it more often. I decided to move it downstairs and replace the “make-shift” table I had put there. So once again I did a switcheroo and I really like the table in its new place.

Dec 20, 2012It’s a totally different look with a much more neutral color. I love the detailing on this particular table and the sides remind me of church windows with the arch-like shapes.


DSC_0236Since we lost some storage space with 2 less drawers in this table, I went to IKEA and found a long basket that could fit in that open space for the TV remotes and other things.



It’s nice the change up furniture arrangements every now and again. Makes the space feel new without having to spend any more money.  Until next time…



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