Jewelry Organizing

For those who know me, it is no surprise to them when I say I LOVE to organize. I feel like currently, I have many things in their place, but a lot of things are yet to be organized completely. Ryan has been helping lately to organize the kitchen cabinets and other areas of the house.

I have been wanting to figure out a system for organizing my jewelry for a while now and found a temporary solution over the summer by using old chipped tea cups/saucers, bowls, and other dishes that I wasn’t using to organize bracelets, earrings, rings, and watches and had them all displayed on my dresser. It was important for me to have all my jewelry displayed where I could see each piece so, in theory, I would wear more of what I had. However, I felt the top of the dresser was too cluttered so I moved all those tea cups to a drawer and feel a lot better about it.  Everything is still displayed but yet, I can close the drawer and hide it all.

This is what the arrangement looked like before. Pardon the crappy phone picture quality.


This is after I moved the dishes to the drawerDSC_0325


I used the tea cups to hang my dangly earrings so I could easily see AND access them.DSC_0330



so now for my dilemma…what do I do with the necklaces? I am working on coming up with ideas for where and how to hang them. For now, they are hanging out on top of the dresser. A cluttered and unresolved look I am not proud of but at least they aren’t going to get all tangled 🙂DSC_0255


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