Lake Louise Painting

This last Christmas I had decided I wanted to give Ryan something that he would be able to keep and remember forever. I contemplated many different options and finally decided to have a painting done for him of one of his favorite places in the world, Lake Louise.  My good friend Amy Taylor is an artist and I’ve always enjoyed her work. Here we are at one of her art festivals a few years ago.


She painted the aspen painting that hangs above our fireplace as a wedding gift and we both love it so much.

DSC_0304 DSC_0304


Since Ryan always comments on how he loves it, I thought I couldn’t go wrong with having Amy paint something special just for him.

Lake Louise, located in Banff National Park in Canada, is special to us for many reasons, and we usually end up going about once a year.  Ryan proposed near this area as well. If you haven’t been, I suggest you go sometime in your life. It is beautiful year round but I have only been in the winter and more recently the summer.  It is very peaceful and serene, which is a big reason I love it so much. The lake is nestled between these mountains and the water is fed from the glacial runoff which is what gives it that pristine blue color.


The water freezes thick enough that they build an ice castle on it every winter. It really is a sight to see. This is us back in 2006, during my first trip ever to Lake Louise.  Although the frozen lake is beautiful, it wouldn’t make the best painting. We needed a more colorful and dynamic scene for her to paint.



This past June we were able to go on a family vacation and visited Lake Louise, which was my first time to see the lake thawed out. So lovely. As usual, I took a ton of pictures so Amy and I perused through some of them to find the perfect one she could paint.

We finally decided on this one

Screen shot 2012-12-12 at 10.55.45 PMand this is the wonderful end product! Ryan loves it!

DSC_0299Amy has really good photos of the painting and pictures of her other work on her blog and website so go check out Amy Taylor Art!  

It is one of my goals to collect art over time to add to our home but what better or more meaningful art could I have other than a painting of a place that means so much to us?  In the future, I plan on paying her to do more paintings/watercolors of other places we’ve been.

As far as this painting goes, It is such a bright and cheery painting and Ryan decided he liked it best in the bedroom hung between two windows.




The current painting that is over the bed seems dull now compared with the lake painting but I’m going to try to find a way to make them both work in the same space. I’m thinking of hanging an assortment of art over the bed.  The bedroom is far from where I want it to be. We recently added new lamps, and that painting over the bed along with the headboard I got at a garage sale.  I’d like to paint that dresser or get a bigger one eventually, add pillows to the bedding to die down the bright blue, and add an area rug.



The painting is even bright at night! It brings lots of needed color to the room. Thank you Amy for always creating such wonderful work. We couldn’t be happier with how this painting turned out!


2 thoughts on “Lake Louise Painting

  1. Beautiful. It looks like a window in your bedroom. I’ve only been once in winter 2010. I sat in a window seat at the Fairmount Chateau Lake Louise, ate a steamy deep bowl of French onion soup and sipped tea looking over the frozen expanse. It truly is lovely.

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