Library Updates

I posted about our “library” here a few months ago and since then I’ve added some things to make it seem more functional. I was able to finally move my desk from my parents house that I had bought a few years back at Salvation army. I wanted to buy a  smaller desk to fit the window dormer area but then after some time went by, I realized I hadn’t really tried to see if the desk I already had would fit. I assumed it wouldn’t but it actually fit quite well! 🙂 It had a hutch that went on top so I left that off so I wouldn’t be covering up the lovely (only) light that comes through that window.



I rearrange the library shelves often because I move decorative items all around my house based off what I want to use downstairs on the mantle and in the built-ins. So those are changed up a bit. I like this arrangement a little better than the last one.


I like to keep the children’s books I have easily accessible to a child’s reach so those books go on the bottom shelves.



the books in the boxes are what I deem “ugly books.”  Basically, they are books Ryan has read a bunch of times and the covers are falling off or lots of books of a series because I don’t like the look of lining up a bunch (by a bunch I mean 20+) of paperback books in a row that are all the same look and size. That isn’t as interesting to look at. They are just so special that they get their own special box. 🙂


The board games still remain hidden behind these doors.DSC_0538 DSC_0557

Look to the right of the above picture and you can see where I hung up a new piece of art. I bought this last year or maybe even the year before that at the Allen arts festival and never framed it (that seems to be a bad habit of mine).


on the opposite side of the room from the shelving is the travel map and I just used what I had to furnish that wall. I have a glider rocker I got at a thrift store that isn’t very good looking but is really comfortable. I don’t like the purple flowery cushion so I threw my quilt over it.  The table I am borrowing from a friend and the lamp I just moved from the other side of the room. This area still needs work but functions better now than before when it was just a blank wall with a map on it. DSC_0555

Here’s a close up of the travel map with the pins in it.


the library pre-renovation…
this is what it look like post renovation right after we bought the shelving…DSC_0390and this is what it is nowDSC_0560

Since Ryan’s been back in school we’ve been spending more time up there. There are many more things I want to do to this space so stay tuned 🙂


2 thoughts on “Library Updates

  1. You are too cool!!!! The room looks really great. It is amazing the difference you have made in that house since you bought it. I love watching the changes even though I see them long distance, LOL. Your desk really did fit perfectly, didn’t it? Like it was made for the space. Take care. Love you lots. Aunt Kathy

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